I made my first website when i was 16. It was really awful.
There was a yellow background, the music of Lupin restarting at every page and a bunch of animated gifs.

Thanks God, if any exist, things have improved since then.

I have worked for three years as web developer freelance making many different works,
from simple websites to complex web applications, always meeting client expectations.
You can find some examples below.

For the last two years I have worked as mobile developer and Angular developer for MeetingHand, a Dubai-based company.

I like my job, I like difficult tasks, I like challenges, I like to listen nice music while working,
I like to combine efficiency with aesthetic. I really believe that quality is the key of work.
And I like trains

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Web development
Html5 - Css3 - Bootstrap
Php development
CodeIgniter - Laravel
Javascript development
AngularJs - JQuery - TypeScript
Mobile development
Ionic Framework - Cordova


Always striving to give the best to my clients

Fast and Reliable

Quality, speed and reliability guaranteed.

Carefully Handcrafted

Each website is made carefully, combining aesthetic and functionality


Website that adapt themselves to any kind of device.
Pc, tablet, phone.

Mobile app

I can realize any kind of mobile app for Android and Ios.


Some nice works of mine.


Feel free to ask any question you want.
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    Based in Como,
    beautiful town in Italy

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